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Twenty years ago, Bricks were laid to build the foundation of what has turned out to be Asia’s Fastest Growing Festival. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of this legacy, schedule your interview today!

Member interviews commence from the 6th of May. If you wish to apply as a member, first, read the general rules regarding the member applications. Then, read through the descriptions of each department and finally, contact the respective heads of the department(s) that you wish to apply in and schedule your interview(s).

General Rules:

1. Bring your CVs on an A4 sheet only. Your CV should include your name, mobile number, address, time constraints, departmental preferences, strengths and weaknesses. You are also required to attach a recent passport size photograph to your CV.

2. CVs that are not on an A4 sheet will not be accepted. Copied CVs will lead to a cancellation of your application.

3. Applicants that wish to apply in Fine Arts and Creatives and Photomedia, bring your Portfolios along with your CV.

4. You are required to contact the respective heads of the departments that you wish to apply in.

5. Make sure you know what the department does before you apply. To do the same, click on 'APPLY NOW' and then click on the respective VCP.