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What started out as a normal day turned out to be a major eye opener for all of us. On World Environment Day, Team Umang collaborated with the Lions Club of Juhu for Jallosh Clean Coasts, a Clean-Up intiative undertaken by Project Mumbai, a non profit organisation aided by Beach Warriors, a group which has pledged to clean beaches every weekend throughout Mumbai.

Team Umang went to clean the dumping ground at Bandstand which was Chimbai Beach twenty years ago. 















It was only when we got down to the cleaning part that we felt responsible about the terrible situation that now persists. 

We started out by separating plastic from the other waste materials, then proceeded by washing off the dirt from the plastic in order to make it recyclable. 















We could only imagine the struggles of people living nearby and the discomfort caused by heaps of smelly garbage lying around in the locality. During the entire drive what we couldn't fathom was how selfish as a species we are. All we do is take from nature providing nothing in return. What we do end up giving back is tons of pollution and garbage.

It is time that we realise that change is needed. And it is needed now.

World Environment Day