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Yoga is the acceptance of yourself. It isn't about executing the poses perfectly or having the best balance. It is about connecting with yourself. It is like learning to breathe again. Or that moment when you jump out of bed in the morning, rush outside to do the sun salutation and you're blinded by how utterly brilliant the world can be. 


Team Umang celebrated the International Yoga Day with the employees of the Indian Post Office in Dadar, in collaboration with the Lions Club of Juhu. Two yoginis from the Yoga Institute stepped up for the occasion and showed the path to self-actualisation to over a hundred employees of the Indian Post Office.









Right from Pranayama to Trikonasana, these instructors guided the audience to step back and take a moment from their stressful, beat up lives and reminded them that they have a soul that needs tending to. 












Not just this Yoga Day but let us take to meditation everyday because some questions cannot be answered by Google.

YOGA: Your Opportunity for Growth and Awakening